We stand ready to help you, if and when a claim occurs. We will promptly report your claim to your insurance company and it will be assigned to one of our quality claims professionals and handled to your satisfaction. From the moment you report a loss, you can count on a team of professionals to gather all the facts, assess the damage and settle the claim quickly and fairly with a minimum of bother to you.

Find A Claim Number By Company

Insurance Company Phone number Email/Website
Allied 800-282-1446 www.alliedinsurance.com
American Integrity 866-277-9871 www.aiicfl.com
American Strategic 866-274-5677 www.americanstrategic.com/
AmsWINS Auto 1-800-993-3226 www.amswinsauto.com
Auto-Owners 1-888-252-4626 www.auto-owners.com/
Capitol Preferred 888-388-2742 www.capitol-preferred.com
Chubb 800-252-4670 www.chubb.com
Citizens 866-411-2742 www.citizensfla.com
Federated 800-293-2532  www.fednat.com
Florida Family 888-486-4663 www.flfamily.com/
Florida Peninsula 877-994-8368 www.floridapeninsula.com
Foremost – Homeowners 800-527-3907 www.foremost.com
Foremost – Auto 800-274-7865 Foremost – Claim Services
GeoVera 800-631-6478 www.mygeosource.com
GMAC 800-325-1088 www.gmacinsurance.com
Gulfstream 1-866-485-3005 www.gulfstream.com
Hagerty 800-922-9701 www.hagerty.com
Heritage 1-855-415-7120 www.heritagepci.com
Homeowners Choice 866-324-3138 www.hpci.com
Infinity 800-334-1661 www.infinityauto.com
Mercury 800-503-3724 www.mercuryinsurance.com
Metlife 800-854-6011 www.metlife.com
Modern USA/American Traditions 866-270-8430  
Nationwide 800-421-3535 www.nationwide.com
Olympus 866-281-2242 www.oiconnect.com
Progressive 800-776-4737 www.progressive.com
Safeco 800-332-3226 www.safeco.com
Safe Harbor 866-482-5246 Safe Harbor – Cabrillo
Safe Point 1-855-CLAIM15 (24 Hour) www.safepointins.com
Security First Florida 877-581-4862 www.securityfirstflorida.com
Southern Fidelity 866-722-4995 www.southernfidelityins.com
St Johns 800-748-2030 www.stjohnsinsurance.com
StillWater 1-800-220-1351 www.stillwaterinsurance.com
Swyfft 1-877-799-3389 www.swyfft.com
Tapco 888-437-0373  
Travelers Auto 800-252-4633 www.mytravelers.com
Travelers Flood 800-252-4633 www.mytravelers.com
TypTap 1-844-289-7968 www.typtap.com
Universal P&C 800-218-3206 www.universalproperty.com
Universal Property and Casualty 1-800-470-0599 www.universalproperty.com